I found a good chance to come onto Gaia last night, so I took it. My friends display told me that Toru was online, so I thought I'd go see him again. He even had the Demon Pub chatroom open, though he was the only one in the room.

He didn't speak to me initially, so I just started reciting the lyrics to ACDC's "Back In Black". Thought I forgot them halfway through the beginning and jumped straight to the chorus. It was then that Toru finally said something, now knowing that I was there.

I was hoping for a happy conversation with him, but that's not what I got. He gave me some bad news from his life. I find it ironic, because I usually come with him to complaints, instead of the other way around. So I decided to act the bartender this time, and gave him a drink. "Trap Gin", I called it. It was a drink made by traps for traps, so Toru probably wouldn't like the taste. But the mixture could at least calm his nerves. He turned it down anyway, saying he didn't like alcohol.

Well, I asked him what was going on. He was vague about it at first, just saying "the wall". When I heard that, I thought he was talking about Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall. Poor guy must've been suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. So I asked if he was worried about our president.

He never gave a direct answer until I pushed him about it. Turns out that by "the wall", he meant a Pathways school. Not knowing what that was, I asked him. He said it was "like highschool". And he was upset about going here because he hated school.

Now why did he have to go here? That's what I wanted to know. After my highschool graduation, I spent most of a year trying to get my scholarship, until I finally made it into college. But I was going to college of my own volition, because I could potentially earn degrees there, and get a good job.

Toru said he was a highschool graduate now too. Pathways is coming after his years. So I asked him if it was like a college, and he said no. It was apparently just a place where you quote, "learn some of the stuff you don't in highschool". When I asked him why he'd need to do that, he just replied that he "never turned his brain off".

Was this just to stay smart then? I asked him, and he gave me a response to vague, I fail to remember it as I write.

After that, he said he was going to go sit in the rain. Now that's just sad. I left the chat so he could do that, hoping for more information next time. It's a terrible thing to see my friend go through an emotional time, and I probably need to be there for him a little more. If I can manage my crowded college time, I can talk to Toru and get my own work done. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!