okay, the fact I serving people who has hime-dere symptoms but this person always not admit that when i tell that. mostly throw blame on me~

anyway... I am not surprised if these person really demanding. xd
I could spent whole days to serve small task but actually very hard to do~ LOL
when they know these task very hard to do, they admit they ask too much into me, and start soften on me, not bad, they have cute side I cannot resist sometime whee
I prefer to serve this person cause they told me what to do.. smile
I rare ask for appreciation for what i am doing, but usually they get problem when i exhausted or over limit. xD
sometime they have big heart! C:
although what they said makes my heart feels very hurt! >.<
BTW, I prefer to do this for learning how to adaption with crazy humiliation in future days & the result not bad.. until now i can catch up with these all c: