Noire is a mysterious creature at the moment, but listening to Grant - Starship on the way to school has given me more of an insight to his story.

He was really close to his twin brother, Roux, as a child. They did everything together, Roux's loud, headstrong personality complementing Noire's calculating mind; their desire to explore and go on adventures was as prominent as any young boy's. They even designed a rocket, the RNX-7 (The X because it sounds cool and 7 because we were born on April 7th!) that they wanted to build and explore space with.

Their parents divorced around fifth grade. The reasons are unknown, as both boys were too young at that point to understand what was going on. Their father took Roux with him to a neighbouring city while Noire stayed with their mother. It was painful for them to be apart, but distance... eventually did make them grow apart.

Now, Noire's mother is a doctor. A highly skilled, high-demand surgeon to be specific, and was clear on the fact that Noire would also grow up to be a practitioner in the medical field. Noire had no interest for human biology; the dreams of travelling amongst the stars in the sky with Roux morphed into a fascination for astronomy and astrophysics... Yet, when time came, he had to choose science (with a specialization in biochemistry) for his major in University.

Noire and Roux met once in awhile through high school, but as they grew busier, time to meet eventually vanished altogether in their senior year. Noire made sure to keep on top of his ECs and marks -- as per requested by his Mother -- but he did sacrifice time to join Rocket Club.

He met Weiss in the ninth grade, as they were both in advanced mathematics class. They quickly became friends, their contrasting personalities a comfort to Noire -- reminding him of this old best friend. Eventually the platonic relationship shifted to a romantic one around the eleventh grade or so, but this dissipated as Noire juggled far too many commitments in his senior year (as did Weiss, with all her auditions and compositions). He still chose to go the same University as Weiss, whether of hope that they could reconnect or because it had an excellent health sciences program that his mother suggested, he does not know.

The first day Noire and Roux see one another on campus, they almost don't recognize one another. Once almost identical, Roux's grown in height and build, his tanned and toned body a result of the many sports he was required to play through high school. Noire on the other hand, slouched all the time, paled from the hours in front of the computer, and now wore a pair of thick-rimmed purple glasses.

Noire battles through his first year of University and adjusts to his role as a colour guardian. He misses Weiss and Roux dearly. Midori poses as a challenging opponent in various ways, while Cian introduces new ideas to him in the few, short conversations they manage to hold.

Yet, despite the seemingly-perfect path paved in front of him, Noire still dreams of the stars.