These fruits are a cross between pears and grapefruits; a team of two thousand scientists actually had crops with these mysterious plant hybrids, although the coloration of these fruits is probably caused by these plants having a bit of mango DNA within---in other words, there's a tiny chance they've been accidentally bred with mangos. Despite this, they're not mangos at all. They are pears with fleshy grapefruit bulbs from within when cut open, with the seeds right in the center. These fruits often grow on trees and can also adapt to harsh winters as much as they can adapt to heat, though it is reported that they only reproduce 27% slower when growing in the winter. They can be ripened at room or fridge temperature, though they can actually ripe at a much greater speed when placed in room temperature.

There are some positive health benefits for these such fruits: Weight loss, good amount of fiber, reduces the risk of diabetes, potassium, vitamin C, and even lowers IBS-D and blood pressure. In fact, their juices are much, more powerful than ordinary juice of an orange, even more powerful than a single carrot; they can actually regenerate a person's eyesight in an instant. Heck, if a person has a glass eye and consumes this kind of fruit, that glass eye then becomes actual flesh; likewise, if a person with both of their eyes completely gouged out consumes this fruit, they will expect brand new regenerated eyeballs within seconds. Besides curing blindness, grapefruited pears can also allow a person to recover from severe spinal cord injuries much sooner than expected. Furthermore, adding sugar can make these fruits sweeter, although it will lower the strength of its juice if consumed.

A new study reveals that these fruits are a perfect substitute for milk, as they can be edible for newborns, both humans and animals. Because of this, grapefruited pears are actually grown worldwide. Their acids are also very powerful enough to prevent vomiting, as one can safely eat these fruits with other kinds of fruits and not worry about getting sick. In fact, their acids are so powerful that it can actually allow white blood cells to fight back against bacteria ten times faster and more efficient---this is in fact a perfect cure for various kinds of cancer as well as something as dangerous as flesh-eating bacteria.