boy you've got problems
not just in your head
you got issues you need resolved
you need to get out of bed

take the time to realize
all that you can accomplish this night
if you get off your ass, give up the booze
and maybe things'd go alright

but instead, let's list the issue
the girl, the drugs, the alcohol you down
not all of life should be
'better in my tears i should drown'

listen to that song
that you can't ever stop smiling at
listen to the the people
who'll tell you 'you could be that'

but no, you don't ever seem to glow
darkness surrounds you like a new moon's flow
we tried to help you, we tried to smile
but we can't be around someone who's voluntarily vile

they say this is the day
that everything could change
but you know the truth
it's all just wasted space

you're just wasted space