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Tano's Mentality
Im so sick of feeling like to remain as a semi-functional human being I have to bottle up and not talk about how I feel. That somehow, because I was born with a p***s it's MY responsibility to self-sacrifices for everyone else ~ Im so tired of feeling like the world looks to me to solve its problems?

When people tell me "Lifes not fair" Really WTF does that even mean? Yeah ok sure it's not, s**t happens, but why is it if a man needs help the odds are he'll be ignored. Forced to contend with the problem as best he can but be under constant fire by the world, but if a women needs .. Nah ******** that~ if a woman WANTS anything the world is jumping to provide?

Better yet, why do good men get the ant-covered branch while dirtbags get the apple? Iv never once in my life done anything to outright hurt another human being but I can't ever catch a damn break on anything! But dirty douche bag a** holes can lie, steal, robe, and kill, and get the world handed to them on a silver platter!?

Then when good guys turn mean, they're just an a** hole? Like the world didn't make them that way, like its "their" fault they've grown hard and unforgiving. Nah, I don't believe it is. See good men turn bad because they understand that to survive and thrive they have to be willing to cut throats, burn bridges and ruin lives because everyone's out for themselves.

If iv learned anything since I turned 18, its that 90% of people are assholes who wouldn't spare the piss to put out a fire if it helps someone else but will sit and b***h and blame others for doing to them what they do all the time~ Just look at our legal system, you can sue people for just about anything nowadays but here's the kicker~ You'll only get taken seriously if you've already got money~

See power feeds on power and the more you have the more you can get. People like me, who barely have a pot to piss in, we're overlooked and ignored, we're the fringe of society and no one gives a s**t about us~ That's why we bottle it all up and act like it's all ok when in reality we're one really bad day away from walking into a gas station with a gun and a bag, demanding some poor bastards money not his life because we've learned this SOB im stealing from will be ok~

He's got insurance .. I don't .... He has what I need ... And I've been playing by the rules and the rules screwed me so why the ******** shouldn't I TAKE what I need to survive? Im not advocating violence or theft im just saying ~ How many times we gonna repeat that fact the "Cash-me-outside girl" Is about to be a millionaire and she's the most worthless underserving c**t on planet earth and you ...

Your 9 to 5, mine wage having a**, can barely pay the bills and ain't never had a cent in savings, who worked when he was sick, tired, or hurt, who's given his body and mind to provide for another who can't provide for themselves, whos never known the pleasure of a vacation and you've been at this job for 10+ years. You who suffers the stress we call "Life" can't even get a god damn pay extension .. and your ignorant a** family gives you advice like "Ask for a raise" like this is still the 1970's .....

This, ALL OF THIS, and more is why I will NEVER not be on the verge of going over the edge. Snapping and one day walking into that gas station with a gun in hand and demanding the cashier's money, not his life ...

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