In through the window,
staring down the street,
I was there, looking far away,
where the lights are all shining bright,
I just wish it would never fade,
just like your smiling face,
There we are kissing in the moonlight,
nothing is going to stop us tonight,
and no one can separate us from our true hearts...

and I've become inspired by faith,
walking down the sidewalk,
and anyone can see it in my face,
my lips move but they can't hear a thing,
because I'm inspired by faith...

And now, as I whisper the prayer,
I can hear your winds come through,
even though the window might be closed,
as I am imagine,
I'm wider awake,
than the rest of the world,
as I imagine,
I quietly fight this way,
and they can all know,
that I was born to say,

that I'm inspired by faith.