It was Christmas night the first time he stopped by – a little after 10pm, if you remember correctly. You stood in the doorway, a green blanket snug around your shoulders but otherwise in pajamas. Judging by the cloth soaking up the snow at his feet, you’d figured that he was in the same boat, though with a very nice coat instead.

“I’m so sorry to bother you at home. So late. On a holiday.” He said, tone sheepish and cheeks blushing twice from the embarrassment and the cold. “But it was so loud at the mansion. I couldn’t stand it any longer.”


Introducing Research Grant, my self-indulgent blog for all the non-canonical adventures of Astrid Nacht and Gino Gambino. One short story and two pictures that will go up right after I post this are all the content I have for now, but who knows? There will more than likely be more.

Uhhhhhhhhh PG-13. I'm probably not gonna write anything NSFW but like. They're all adults from 2011 on. So I mean.

Life's too short. Live fast die young. Write Canon/OC fanfic every once in a while. It's good for the soul.