I can't believe it! Things went from s**t, to absolutely wonderful!

For those who have read my last entry, my birthday happened. Now, last time I had a birthday and talked about it on Gaia, it was followed with a story about me triggering a retard by implying they were male and then comparing them to me. That was when I was 17. But now I'm 18.

And though I dreaded the day, for it meant I was a "man", I decided to take my own initiative, and turn this ship around. I'm an adult now, who has his own apartment in the basement, and his own job. It's time to use the powers that adulthood comes with.

That meant buying what I once asked my parents to help me buy. Back then, they were the ones who knew how to pay for stuff on the internet. But thanks to things like college tuition and new IDs, I now know what I didn't know back in January of 2017. And so, I bought four bottles of pueraria mirifica pills.

For those who don't know pueraria mirifica is a highly estrogenic herb that's been used by women to enhance their breasts. As a guy, there are not many ways to counteract the natural androgens of my own body, except for things like HRT, which are ridiculously expensive. However, pueraria mirifica is actually one of the few things potent enough to put a pair of breasts on a male. And it's super-cheap compared to things like HRT.

My package of pills made from the plant's extract had just arrived yesterday morning. I secured the package, and hid it where only I could find it, just so my parents wouldn't know what I bought.

And now, today is my first day taking them. "2 in the morning, and 2 in the evening", instructed the bottle. Of course, I haven't had any effects on the first day, but I'm excited for what's going to happen in the future. Best case scenario, I'm not going to be depressed much longer ever again.

To think, some customers at work already mistake me for a girl because of my hair. And some people at the college do the same. Think of how many people will think I'm female when I have fully-formed breasts? Not many people are ever going to call me "sir" again, and that makes me joyful.

My only concern is that I have to order more of this stuff when I start running out. I was able to hide it from my parents for now, but I'll have to do that again. Let's just hope I can pull through. I already have some ideas on how to conceal my next packages.

Wish me luck with this. You might just be witnessing the birth of a new Kyo. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!

UPDATE: Looks like I don't need to hide things from my parents anymore. Since I'm 18, they will permit me to make my own choices about my body and gender expression. By now, I have more than enough supplies of those pills to last me the rest of the year. And I still have that job to earn me some money for more in the future.