Konichiwa~ Oh man, the time sure flies faster than what you thought sweatdrop
Since it's Sunday I thought I'll update a little bit about this life of mine. I forgot to update about my summer so I'll write what happened this summer vacation too xD..
(Btw Sundays and Saturdays are always the best days!!)

Life: Let's begin the summer vacation story alright?
After I gratuadetd from my highschool, my mother already planned that I and her are going to Vietnam to meet out relatives there. We first went on a train to my sibling's place and after some days took the flight to Vietnam. We were there for two whole weeks. I got to buy a lot of things there and most importantly...
After that there was that tiny festival in my hometown. And I also went to the neighbourtown festival. It was fun. And then when agust hits the calendar, school hell is breaking out. I had already two digital tests and that was not fun. Next week I'm going to have another digital test... I wished I could go back to my younger self already T__T.

Games: Gaiaonline,Gaiaonline,Gaiaonline,Gaiaonline like that's the only game I'm playing o.o
I'm also playing some kind of Katekyo Hitman Reborn game. It's really fun!!

Anime: Soon the Boku no Hero Academia is ending and I really loved this series. I'm currentöy wayching Koi to Uso, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e,Gamers,Kakegurui etc.

Thank you for reading!
See you in the next crAp-bLoggu!!