So as I've said before, the whole roommate situation was really not what I had expected. I have to remember that I'm not like other people and I really shouldn't be around them. I mean, I haven't felt that way in a long time, but I'm just starting to remember how simple it was by myself. I didn't have friends to worry about, nothing bad would happen to me unless it was self inflicted, and I usually find some way to occupy my time. So I've decided that I'm going to live on my own. Like, really on my own, like without pretty much anyone. I mean, I can see myself talking to one person but just that one person. No one else is worth the love and affection I have to offer. She knows exactly who she is and I feel like she feels the same about me. But once I move out, it'll be just like I always wanted to avoid. Just me, going home, making dinner for one, falling asleep in front of my favorite reruns. Ugh, I would seriously rather die. But I can't think about it that way. It could really be the time I need to be more productive. Who knows?


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