the first outfit i am listing raw - i need a spot in my closet and i would like to list the items in the one i need to delete

Bat hat & dresscoat

Black Top Hat

Jack'd Skirt 2k6

Dead Sexy Wine Bat Cravat

Summoning Tome

Elven Ears (Dead Doll)

Jack's Bat Clip

Hermes' Moon 2nd gen

Biancamella 2nd Gen

Coal Tavern Wench's Bustier

Warm Female Goth Starter Boots

Ohaguro Smile

Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black

Black Reading Glasses

The Nightmare 3rd Gen.

Orange and Black Striped Stockings

Cravate Demonique

Lumiere Noire 3rd Gen.

Little Lucie

Le Carousel

Custom Cut

Ravenwood Manor

Starter Adventure Time Jake T-Shirt

Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Badge

Black Top Hat