I'm so tired of the rain falling softly on the ground, just enough to get my feet wet but not enough to let me drown.

It seems bad things happen all at once. Bad days come one after the other but there's never a good enough reason for me to take a well needed break. It's never bad enough.

I've been laying in my bed, wishing I had never woken.

Begging God to rid my head of every word you've ever spoken.

I've long forgotten the feel of your hands and your kiss. I cannot seem to forget the things you've said to me. The words did not feel genuine but I cannot seem to forget them. I wonder why that is...

Broke my knuckles on the wall because I thought about the call where you said you'd always love me.

"Even (if) in seven years, when you probably won’t even remember my name, I’ll still love you. I love you more than the air in my lungs. God, you’re ******** perfection. You make me happy and that’s not an easy thing to do nowadays."

"I really hope you’re the one."

Do you not tell the truth at all?

Maybe at one point you truly did mean it. The only thing that matters is that now you don't...you don't mean it anymore...oh, god, you don't mean it anymore I'm so sorry I'm sorry bear Im just so sorry please forgive me god im sorry i cant finish this god im so sorry im just so sorry god please im just so so sorry