Werewolf Among the Sugar Maple
You can hear its footsteps.
Long tread
That cannot be supported by a single, fragile thread.
Long and heavy.
Making all the women and children feel unsteady.
It lurks.
Hardly allowing enough time for the victims to shirk.
It howls.
It never cowers in fear.
Once it is near its prize and feast,
the mess is the least of its worries.
Many have shunned him.
Called him a man of sin.
For, he is too busy licking his blades clean.
Clean of the sugary, sweet sap.
He never fails to steal from the sugar maple as they sweetly nap.
"Oh, sweet, sweet sap. As long as I am here, you will never be wasted on my behalf," he gingerly cooed to the dismembered limbs of the sugar maple.
The echoes of the crying spirits can be heard from miles and miles away.
As they attempt to warn those who don't know,
the werewolf is not the one for you to play.
Beware of him under the name fish,
for you do not want to be his next dish.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Note: Hello my fellow readers, this poem is a tribute to the victims who have passed away due to Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish, who was a well renowned American serial killer. He was a major cannibal, who killed and ate children for both flesh and blood. His most well known case was the murder of Grace Budd. As a criminal, he went under many names like The Boogey Man, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Werewolf of Wisteria, but he was much more well known as "The Gray Man." The worst part of it all was the charm he had to persuade the parents of the children like the mother of Grace Budd to trust him with the children. It was a very tragic time, and my condolences goes out to parents of these victims. May the victims of this tragic crime rest in peace. Happy Reading.

On a bit of a lighter note (Fun Fact): The Sugar Maple is New York's state tree along with Vermont, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. It was established as New York's state tree in 1956.