I saw something today > w >;;

to be honest it is quite rare to see these scene xd
because...... most male i saw on grocery in the mall only help holding trolley or follow or etc. rare ask what you try to buy & give sour expression when enter the place xD

okay, says.... I saw a boys when he take a look on grocery paper for 10 mins.
I get curious cause I wonder what he may doing only read that paper without do anything but.......
He really go to every corner try to find items on the list & most of items he put on the trolley for home's cleaning equipment!
I pay attention for most of time when he pick up the phone & I consider what he do for helping his mother do grocery task cause I heard he call the person as mom many times.

and the most point of that, items he bought are mostly Buy 2 Get 1 Free... > O >
omg, smart sense?
whatever, but I like watching how he really looks like very considerate boys xd
I honestly says this is part of responsibility cause hard to find boys who like to help out on grocery for family!

1. He keep on call with her mom which make me think "oh, he really try to help her out!"
2. in these case very rare to see handsome boys would like to help out on hard task. (grocery things for me very hard task ever i did cause you never know if you buy wrong items you should going back to the market & ask for exchange would be super annoying things!! XD believe me or no, try for yourself!!)
3. I was thinking if there's film shooting around, but NO! He really did try to help out!
4. consider when he helping out make me think it's very SEXY.... LOL~ :p
sorry this statement sound funny but I like to see person who help other person in need!

I did not mean to says "hey, I like these boys!"
I like respect manner so much & frankly can easily fall into person cause simply reason. :p
but in the other side... no thanks, i cannot be equal cause neat person have extreme high standard~ I may get disqualified so bye bye~ x)

( only little things i can do for others that makes me more pity on myself for being not useful & be hindrance so.... i am sorry for cannot be the best but i always try do what i can for others. )