So I've lived in Las Vegas my whole life, and its beginning to feel less like home. I've been thinking about moving away a lot lately, eventhough I'm more than sure I won't be able to leave the state any time soon. But when the time comes, I'd like to live somewhere else. I hear Oregon is lovely and so far, its probably gonna be my first choice. I'm really just tired of people, I want to be somewhere where I can live alone yet in peace. I know I've said being alone is terryfying, and it is. But I think being alone might be the best thing for me until I'm ready to be around people again. I don't know when I plan on making all of this happen, but sometime in the far future. Until then, I'm just going to be working on my financial situation, its been much better actually. Soon, I could apply for school and get that started. I've been thinking about science a lot. I thought I'd go to school for art or music, but my brain is in desperate need of knowledge and answers lol I would love to know everything about everything. I don't really want to attend school here in vegas either, we're not very high on the education list. I've just got a lot of organizing to do.

Kat =^.^=