Well I'm finally getting around to telling you the story of how I met my Master. It has been awhile so I'll try and remember it all the best I can, after all that's kind of why I'm writing in you is to remember if something happens again. Still very strange I can't remember anything before this place. *waves hand* Ah well anyway the story of how I met my Master...

It was back when I was just beginning to get into my Aquarium again. I had kind of played with it before, but forgot about it. So I had recently found it again collecting dust so I decided to blow it off, since I had all these fish tucked. Don't ask me how they were fine without water maybe they came in their own little baggies that I never saw. ANYWAY, I just got my tank going and people started noticing it. It was a friend of my Master that invited me to join a group of people that really liked aquariums, among other things. I decided I would and I'm glad I did as I learned a lot. They even helped me to get my aquarium more known about and set up a few things it was really nice.

Time passed slowly I wasn't really a big person among the group really a quite little fish that more watched than anything. I would occasionally pop in during one of their contests and wish them luck or vote in a fashion contest they would have. I was happy enough and slowly getting comfortable with the group. They seemed nice a bit crazy.

Anyway one day the leader of the group was away and one of underlings decided to have some fun it was summer and so he through a huge pool party. I once again more watched but left them to their own devices. Well at one point the leader returned and they hadn't gotten the aftermath cleaned up from said party. So the leader made a punishment game everyone who partied had to help clean up and my future Master was the dungeon keeper she gotcha if ya decided to be bad.

I felt kind of bad for the guy who through the party so decided I would help clean up even though I didn't make the mess. Well it started out simple enough you picked up trash and had a certain number in your bucket, but eventually we got to stealing each other's trash and it got pretty crazy but fun. When your bucket was empty you didn't get to play anymore.

Yeah it got to be more of a game then punishment but I was still a bit hesitant until I met this one guy. He was a strange grumpy man with long silver hair glowing green cat eyes and a REALLY long sword. I mean good lord that thing was LONG! Anyway, I had stolen trash from other people but not him and I wanted to try. Well, to say the least I got busted and he decided to take my head. I thought that was the end but apparently not. Imagine my surprise when my head rolled to my feet and I was looking up my own skirt. Thank god I remembered to wear panties. Well I decided that was it that guy was on my target list, among others. I also decided it was time for some paybacks he took my head I decided to take his pants. So I sent my head whizzing by snagging some trash out of his bucket and my body ran after and managed to steal his pants.

What? I heard this guy was pretty popular I figured I could sell 'em on Ebay for a descent price. Though now that I think about it...what is an Ebay? Oh well, anyway he commented this was why he wore pants under his pants and I think I said awesome I'll have more to sell. Yeah this is were I spoke with Nicolae and the man hooked me UP! We found that even pieces of his pants sold for serious cash so. I after some serious negotiating we came to an acceptable cut for both of us and we cut those pants to shred and sold 'em off for a boat load of cash! Not sure what he did with his cut but by now I've blown through mine.

ANYWAY! Sorry about that got sidetracked. So to say the least I found having my head separate from my body really made things easier. I could distract them and my body could raid their buckets. I also got real good at tossing my head and snagging trash as I flew by. Well me being myself as I was and having fun caught the attention of the dungeon master. She began to talk to me apparently I amused her VERY much. I was rather happy about this because I was amusing myself to be honest.

To the surprise of me, big time, I won the punishment game. Don't ask I have no idea how but it was a complete surprise. I reattached my head and after that continued to talk with the dungeon master. They had another game...I believe it was a Christmas shopping one...the store was crazy you had to roll a dice for a number and then see what you got, but you had to reach it before others...or something. I know it made Black Friday look like a lovely day at the park. I mean this store was like a Children's Day Care hopped up on Sugar that was super soldiers in training. There were explosions I think that's were I met Boom Boom, but I can't really remember. Once again I amused the Dungeon Master. So she once again spoke to me telling me how much I amused her. I was rather happy since once again I was just being me.

At the time I was a little Imp and started calling her Master and it stuck. We got to talking about pets that roam her dungeon and I got to meet them. I thought they were all just to cute I don't know why anyone would think they were scary, but then again when it gets to game time I don't think Master feeds them well so they'll punish the naughty, and not in a good way, players. Oh Boom Boom is a frog that I got to name. He's one of the pets that roams around the dungeon. He tried to eat me once but he was just saying hi. Then there is Puppy I can't remember if he has 1 head or more. She has so many. Boom Boom apparently had babies so I got one I named him Thump Thump because he only goes thump when he jumps...for now and it would be cute later on.

We really started to have fun and I really started to get comfortable with that group. Sadly, though the leader of that group disbanded the group because things happened. She spoke about this "real life" thing not sure what that is, but it sounded important. If things calmed down she said she might reform the group, but I guess things haven't because she hasn't. I missed them all, but I've kept in touch with Master. Not as much as I'd like, but I'm not very good at keeping in touch, but I have some. I've been exploring I should drop her a line when I find that mailman again.

But yeah that's how I met my Master and how I became her minion. It's been fun and is a treasured memory I hope to keep. Well, I think that's about it for now not sure what story I'll tell ya next we'll see what I remember or what happens. I'm sure I'll think of something. Till then I think I'll go back into those woods with those living trees it's pretty fun...or maybe back to space with the strange fish and the space cows...still so weird!

Bye, bye!