These types of plants are a cross between Siberian Ink Caps and Hemlocks. Because they're also part hemlock, they can kill whoever consumes it, albeit 30% slower than ordinary hemlocks. Strangely, despite their poison, animals seen as household pets can safely eat these without the risk of illness or death, though there are no health benefits or hazards. Not much is known about these plants, but they are believed to grow in extremely hot climates. Each of these mushroom-hybrid plants have an unfamiliar ink-like ooze, hence their names. Due to the ink-like substance, these plants can be crafted into tattoo ink, though with the right materials. These are also banned in county and state prisons, as they too can cause a bad case of Hepatitis. One must use these plants with serious caution if planning to craft it into tattoo ink. Furthermore, these are the most common variations of inklocks when they're not cross-bred with blueberries or radishes.

A second variation of inklocks can be cross-bred with blueberries, thus being called blueberried inklocks. Due to their antitoxins, the blueberries can slightly weaken the effects of the hemlock, so anyone who eats this will only suffer a bad case of IBS-D for a week or two---if frozen before eaten, they will simply have no effect. These variations of inklocks are often mixed with flouride in order to create more stronger brands of toothpaste, so ingesting them isn't recommended.

Inklocks bred with radishes are called radished inklocks. These variations of inklocks have slightly less ink due to the effects of radishes, so consumption of these plants can result in serious allergies. However, they do have a use for cleaning meat after an animal is killed, thus this is hazardous to all animals. One can squeeze these plants to extract the juices out of their systems in order to wash the meat of animals recently killed, as their effects allow raw meat to last a few weeks longer, thus someone can actually eat the meat uncooked and not get any bad health problems---their juices are even strong enough to neutralize all forms of rabies. While these can result in serious allergies, it strangely allows the person to survive from starvation and dehydration for an extra few days if they survive from these effects.