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tell me...just tell me to stay,
I don't know what to say but I'm going to want you till the stars evaporate
_// fafnir item collection
A in Icy Maid (4)
Alnair's Frozen Wing
Alruna's Draconic Absolution
Arcane Power
Arctic Necromansea (2)
Argus Draconian Hindrance (2)
Astra: Baby Fafnir the Dragon
Azure the Devoured Cerberus
Backalley Necromancer
Bitter Empress of Ice
Bitter Rosier's Thorns
Bitter Spellsword of Truth (2)
Blight's Armament (3)
Briar Rose Starlight
C'mon Don't Speak
Candied Magician's Tresses
Cartier the Icy Dragon
Ceylon Balaur (3)
Charming Fairytale Locks
Chilling with Mew
Cloudy's Caring Eyes
Cold Bone Heads (2)
Contrary Incinerating Heels
Corrupt Fool's Idol (2)
Courageous Hunted Ones
Crazy Zip it
Crystal Clear Zircon
Cursed Dragon (2)
Dancer's Curls
Desolate Curse of Kingdoms (2)
Destructive Hymn of Faith
Draconic Consort of Aurelian
Draconic Devil Slayer
Draconic Eclipse (2)
Draconic Ex Machina
Draconic Hidden Aggression (2)
Draconic Mage Karasu (2)
Draconic Penultimate Angel (2)
Draconic Shadow Virus (3)
Draconic Snek Please
Draconic Snek Please
Draconic Soft Waves
Draconic Starlight Saint
Elegant Renaissance de Deux
Empress's Ascension Bangs
Eternal Immortal Mage Curls
Ethereal High Priestess Tresses
Ethereal Hydrangea Tresses
Ethereal Petulant Poof
Ethereal Swanky Swoop
Enduring Eclipse (3)
Euphoric Messiah's Tresses
Everlasting Inviting Nirvana
Evil Demon Star
Fafnii the DracoChin
Fafnir Biancareina (3)
Fafnir the Dragon
Fafnir Fighter
Fafnir March
Fafnir Master
Fafnir Rufescent Ascension (2)
Fafnir Salacubus
Fafnir Solemn Lady of Death
Fafnir's Accursed Laurels
Fafnir's Blood Huntress
Fafnir's Dearly Damned
Fafnir's Death Speaker
Fafnir's Horns of the Demon
Fafnir's Infernal Spirit (4)
Fafnir's Last Deity
Fafnir's Malice
Fafnir's Spot
Fafnir's Underworld Order (2)
Fafnir's Wings
Fashionably Curled Up
Fausto's Fiery Revival (5)
Fearless Advance Heroine
Fearless Dragonslayer (4)
Fiery Inferno Champion (3)
Freezing Dragon Around (2)
Freezing Fafnir (2)
Friday XVII (2)
Frigid Kohai (3)
Frigid War Hymn
Frozen Gloomy Grump
Frozen Idol Toshi (3)
Frozen Radiant Nights
Frozen Rose Wedding (3)
Frozen Warrior of Baharat (2)
Gracious Princess of Solair
Greedy Fafnir (3)
Hell's Frozen Fury (3)
Hermes of the Freezing Moon (3)
Holiday 2k15 Fafnir Banner
Holiday 2k15 Fafnir Blindfold
Holiday 2k15 Fafnir Brooch
Holiday 2k15 Fafnir Dragon Sweater
Holiday 2k15 Fafnir Scarf
Hyde's Vicious Style
I am Pawsitively Fafnir
Ian's Fafnir School Memories
Icy Don't Give A (3)
Icy Gloom Dragon
Icy Dragon Tails (3)
Icy Kira Kira Crusher (4)
Impressions of You
In Secret I Kill
Insatiable Frostbite (3)
Kindred Adolescent Fafnir
Kindred Fafnir Hatchling
L'Hiver de Mephiste (2)
Lavish Lord (4)
Magnificent Loving Sister's Tresses
Mesmerize Mine Mine Mine (3)
Midnight Dragon Huntress (2)
Minimally Colorful (2)
Moody Dragons
Murder of Frigid Crows
Mysterious Echo Delay
Naturally Demonic Curls
Nyx's New Mysterious Moon
Opulent Bangs
Perfect Virgin Bangs
Puppeteer's Ravish Reprise
Pusheh's Vulpes Style
Rebellious Apocalypse Then
Rebellious Vampire Fringe
Relentless Amadea
Royal Dragon Guardian Locks
Sandman's Trespass (2)
Schwarzhaus Phi
Scorn of Hubris (2)
SDPlus #254 Fafnir (2)
SDPlus Gaian Doc Arkham the Reanimated
SDPlus Serafiella no Fafnir
Secluded Princess of Lalune
Selachii's Ignited Drift (2)
Seeker of the Dragonflight (2)
Serotina's Frozen Prayer (2)
Seven Day Yearning (3)
Son of Thieves
Soulless Archdemon Stolas (2)
Stylish Kabocha Bun
Suave Orcinus x Selachii
Sumafo Fad
Sumptuous Queen's Eyes
Sya's Fashion Hoodie
That Dedicated Hooligan Boy (2)
Top Echelon Raid Gear
THE Icy Bride
Unforgiving Disaster Twins (3)
Vicious Bangs
Vicious Dragon Kween Tresses
Viciously Collect Em All
Wary Gaze
Whipped Mocha Kahvesi (2)
Wicked Elven Locks
Wicked Hellhound Summon
Wish Upon the Shredded Fallen
World of Survivor

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