Ugh, I have final exams going on these few weeks, 3 more papers to go. I did 3 papers last week, Mathematics was fine, History was fine, but Management was pain in the a**! One of the sub-question carries 16 marks, and I didn't read that important part, and I end up losing 16 marks just like that. There are some questions I don't know how to do too because, too much to memorize, most of them are theory questions. I really hope I can pass that subject, I don't want to end up failing 1 subject and I have to extend another 1 semester, retake the subject all over again and pay extra fees. Luckily I left 3 more papers, I really hope I can cope with every single papers, I'm trying so hard to maintain my GPA at least 3.0, I would be sad if I get lower than that.

After finishing the 3 papers, I'll be having 1 month semester break which I don't like it. I never like holiday, nothing much I can do. On my semester break, I will either go back to my hometown and help my parents with their business, or I will stay where I'm staying right now and get a part time job for 1 month until my break finishes. 1 thing I don't like going back to my hometown is, I have family problems, sometimes my parents won't think straight. They can argue like every 2 weeks or months which I find it irritating. All I want is peaceful and harmony environment. Arguments are just waste of time and emotion. Ain't nobody got time for that.