As I sit in my apartment (getting a lovely foot massage from my boyfriend) I wonder what to type about. Its been almost 2 years since I've logged onto Gaia (I know, I know Boooo Hiss Hiss). I loved this site back in 2006 when I signed up. Thousands of people were on talking, making new forum posts, and chatting on the Towns.

Now, Its a ghost town. It ruins the nostalgia of High school, of when this site was cool and everyone I knew was playing it, playing games to collect gold, or selling/trading items.

Now I play puzzle games in an empty server, and its... Its so depressing.

Anyways, Even though I'm 99% sure no one will EVER read this (or any that may follow), I'll continue to write. For myself. Or, for that unlucky 1% that stumbles upon this!