"Tickets, please."

Midori stared blankly at the taller student and forks over a crumpled ECE dance ticket.

"Thank you, enjoy the dance," the older student's monotonous drone barely filtered through Midori's thoughts. "Next please."

He headed inside in silence, narrowing his eyes as bright, multicoloured lights blinded him. Clearly the engineering department had spared no expense. The hall had been decorated thoroughly with streamers, ribbons, and balloons. Each long, rectangular dining table was covered with an lilac tablecloth and embellished with silver vases of flowers. Many engineering students stood scattered around the room, some lounging at the dining tables, some discussing... particle physics? ...near him, and others dancing to the incredibly loud, horrendous electronic music blasting from the speakers in the far corner opposite to where he stood.

Spotting a small mirror (and disregarding the few engineering girls attempting to fix their makeup) he adjusted his blue tie and stared at his reflection. He didn't look particularly great, per say, but perhaps Weiss wouldn't mind so and would still save him a dance.

He caught a glimpse of a dark-green bowtie in the corner of his eye. Ignoring the sensory overload, he pushed past scrawny and varsity-athlete engineering students alike and followed Cian.

"Hey." Midori said, loud enough to be heard over the terrible music.

"Oh hey man!" Cian shouted back. "You made it!"

"I..." Midori trailed off, mouth twisting into a frown. "...was worried." And also, he was hoping to dance with Weiss.

"Yeah," Cian's expression shifted to match Midori's. "I was worried too."

A pair of arms suddenly encircled Midori, causing him to jump. Was [Brown] right? Were they about to be under attack right at this moment?

"I'm worried too!" sang out a voice from behind him. "But as long as we have each other, we're gonna be fiiiine!"

Cian smiled. "Wow, Weiss. You clean up nice!"

The arms vanished as fast as they appeared, and Midori realized it had been Weiss who had sprung a surprise hug on him.

She rolled her eyes. "Don't be sarcastic with me, Cian. It took me --- I mean, Lila, technically, about an hour to do my hair."

Cian laughed. "I wasn't being sarcastic. Well, not entirely." The engineering major smirked.

"Shut up!" Weiss punched Cian, before turning to Midori. "