I need to get s**t figured out…

I know I’m not due to be getting married until October 25th, 2019 but I’ve already started to plan my wedding. I don’t like to leave things last minute, I don’t want to be stressed when it gets closer to my nuptials. However once I get all the s**t figured out I feel as if my fiance won’t help me in the slightest. As it is we need to still figure out his guest list, figure out the rest of mine and figure out where we’re going to get married and have the reception. Add onto that, I’m beginning to feel pissed off at my mother because she won’t listen to what I want when it comes to a wedding dress. I don’t want a long dress with a train. I don’t want a veil. I don’t want to wear a ******** ton of make up or even do my hair in a special way. I want to wear a simple, short dress with a pair of heels. Have simple make up, and leave my hair down. But I know if I mention any of this to my mother she will get upset with me. I know she’s the one paying for my dress but I have a feeling that if I don’t get the dress she wants than I won’t get any dress. I know she loves me and I know she wants the absolute best for me but I just wish she’d understand that it’s not about what she wants.

And to add to that… my fiance still hasn’t told his mother we’ve already picked a wedding date and I feel like she’ll find out the same way that she found out we were engaged. By way of Facebook. It’s beyond annoying. I feel like he wants to be engaged but he doesn’t want to do his part when it comes to our wedding. Yeah sure we’ve got a DJ figured out, as well as a caterer figured out. But there’s so much more we have to figure out.

How do brides to be handle this s**t?