Chapter 12:

It was around dinner when he got a surprise visit from his good friend King Lance. The man, like before had no idea what Asth had been up to all these years. The kind man only wanted him to find happiness, he was to easy to use sometimes. He wasn't alone however as he brings in his now sixteen year old daughter. Asth had found, over the last year his sexual need, had increased some, much to the dismay of many maids he came across. He knew how to control it, but when alone, some girls never walked away from him for days at times. When Lance came with the girl, this was too perfect for the demented king. "My friend, meet my youngest, Lily, I had high hopes that the prince in Rosewell would take her, but it seems he was promised to another, so since you've had such a hard time finding a queen."

He holds out his hand as the girl bows her head to him. This was too perfect, he could not only use this girl, but make her have his child. This time he had every plan to keep her somewhere that she would never hope to get out of. Asth smiles a bit as Lance continues to talk. "Now I know she's a bit young...." Asth shakes his head, his smile widens, Lily, couldn't help but shiver at the look in those cold eyes of his. "No no, she's perfect." He reaches out and takes her chin in his hand, she didn't like his touch but she tries not to move for her father's sake. "I'll make an honest woman out of her yet." Lance beams at this news and brings out his finest bottle of wine and share a toast to this new alliance.

Asth allowed the girl to say goodbye to her father before he made any move. His smile never faded as the guards kindly start closing doors behind the king, then locking them. The girl feels herself bring her arms to her chest as she keeps her eyes on Asth. Something in the back of her mind told her that everything about this man was wrong, the way he carried himself, the way he gazed at her, it made her feel cold. Asth just runs his hand over her as he moves to stand behind her. "I had a queen once, her name was Alura, such a lovely thing, however, I made the mistake in allowing her freedom around my castle, now I'm no fool, I can learn from such mistakes."

She lets out low gasp as he grabs her arm and removes the string holding her dress. He uses it to tied both her hands behind her back as he shoves her onto the hard floor. She lets out a surprised yelp as he sits on her stomach and rips off the top part of her dress. "I plan to have you, over, and over again, until your legs go numb, you'll have my child, there's no doubt about that, I'll have my guards set up the room in the top tower, you'll never get out." He smiles as he starts to massages her soft breast in his hand. She lets out a soft gasp as she tries to get away. "Stop..please, my father will find out about this!"

He laughs deeply as he leans down and starts to run his tongue over her nipple. "Please, he's blind to how I treat my women, all I have to do is tell him is your fine, he'll buy it, he'll never know where you are, my men won't speak a word of it.." He soon moves down a bit as he tears off the rest of her dress, after all she wasn't going to need it. He forces her legs apart as he starts to run his fingers over her womanhood. She lets out a soft cry, tears running down her face as he tightens his hold on her. He removes his pants and smirks as he continues to toy with her. "Knowing your father, he made sure you couldn't fool around, I won't go easy on you girl."

Sure enough he shoves his full length into her, ripping her barrier and he lets out a low moan. He loved that feeling, taking the last bit of innocents the woman had. He holds her legs roughly as he starts thrusting hard and fast as she cries and screams for him to stop. No one came as he held fast. "Yes...keep screaming..." It turned him on more as he leans over and goes back to sucking at her breast. She wouldn't be going anywhere this night as he took her on the hard floor. He enjoyed hearing her gasping moans as he made her climax rather quickly. He was an expert now on knowing just the right spots to hit.

He smirks as he he goes harder on her, never stopping as he releases his first wave of his climax. The rest of the night went like this, never once did he let her go, over and over again until she became to tired to fight him he kept going. For hours it went before he hit his last climax into her and pants hard. "You'll make a fine 'queen'." He laughs as he pulls out of her, watching most of his seed spill out as he did. He grabs her and takes her to the tower room and locks the door, even putting a large lock on it. He wasn't going to take any chances with this one. He didn't bother to untie her hands, or give her new clothes as he left her on the floor of her room.

The only thing in this room was a straw mat to sleep on and a side room to use the bathroom. That all the girl would ever get. She curls up into a ball, sobbing, how her life turned to this, she didn't deserve it, and what made it worse was her father would never know of her fate. The next day Asth got himself ready for his morning breakfast and sits down at his table. To his surprise he found one of his guards holding Maira, the older woman had long been stripped of her fancy outfit and her legs were coated with fluids, seems the guard had a lot of fun with this one. "I know you normally use one of the other girls for your morning meals, but I figured you would enjoy this instead."

Asth could only laugh, seeing this high standing woman brought down a peg, he had to admit it turned him on but he wouldn't waste his seed in her withered womb, even knowing she couldn't bear any children it didn't appeal to him, but he had another idea. "Set her on the floor." The guard nods and gets the older woman on her knees. She was to weak to fight the much larger guard as she was moved under the table. "Seeing you like this, I rather like it." He smiles as he pulls out his manhood for her. Even though he had spent most of the night with his new 'queen' his increase in stamina made him more than ready once again. Especially if it meant he got to humiliate Maira.

The older noble had no idea what was going on until Asth grabs her hair and smirks as she sees his manhood standing tall before her eyes. "I can't tell you how long I've wanted to shut that damn mouth of yours, now I finally find a way to do so." She opens her mouth to speak, but before she could utter a word he forces her down and shoves his length into her mouth. He keeps one hand on her head as he eats, thrusting his hips into her, not bothered in the slightest by this. She couldn't move as he tightens his hold, forcing her to take all of him into her mouth. He doesn't pull away as he releases his seed into her. This was quickly turning into his best game yet.