Hi, everyone! I know it's been a long time but anyway..as you can see I changed my name smile I chose my new name after the character from X-Men. I wanted a name that reflected my constant changing on here. Anyway..as you might have noticed, I had to take down my outfit display and cosplays in my profile and make it boring again :/ That was because some of my pictures were replaced with images saying to update my Photobucket account to enable 3rd party hosting- no idea what that is. But as you notice, I fixed it up again, all thanks to Imgur smile It's SO much easier to use than Photobucket. Anyway..as usual, not much is going on in real life. I turned 33 a couple weeks ago and we've also been spending a little time with family, and tonight my mom and dad are at Busch Gardens going to see Kool and the Gang for my mom's 50th birthday today and they won't be back until late. Anyway..I just wanted to drop in for the first time in a while. Hope everyone has/is having/had a good day today smile

Until Next Time,