There's been something I've been meaning to take care of, and I've been putting it off until yesterday. Mainly because of all the things going on with college, driving lessons, raging against the Google machine, et cetera. But now I've finally found the time to do it.

You see, I wanted to become friends with Hool again now that we've got a guild now. Not only that, but there was an extra friend that I didn't really need, and was thinking of removing: Bones/Space Vomit to be specific. I befriended her on a whim, all because I was in a funk over my brief exile. (You remember that, don't you?) We really never interacted after that. What was the point of keeping her on my list?

So yesterday, I finally removed Bones from my friend list. Then I sent a request to Hool.

Of course, Hool only comes on to Gaia when she's bored. Though I CAN occasionally talk her into coming on via Skype. So I just used Skype to tell her about my friend request. She accepted it, and I thanked her.

As of now, my friend list consists of "Rosario Merle", "butthool", "Jacques de Molay 1096", "Dino toru", "Beatiful_Mixed_Baby", "Jigglyypuff", and "kermitjesus".

Now that this is out of the way, I can focus on doing another entry in the future. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!