The Tale of Ambriel.

In the beginning, there was only The Light. The humans worshiped The Light, and He gave warmth and protection to Its beloved followers.

One day, the humans prayed for a physical being to walk among them. The Light, being a benevolent God, gave them what they asked for, and from His bright, eternal glow, was the being Sabrael 'born'. He was a vassal of The Light and the humans rejoiced for weeks, holding festivals to honor the God that had answered their prayers. Time passed, and the humans that had once worshiped The Light began worshiping Sabrael, and the God did not like that.

It grew angry, and began attacking the village that had spent their many years devoting their lives to Light. Every soul that had ever drawn breath was struck down, save for one human that went by the name of Saavi. This human was the only one that stayed devoted, even when her fellow tribesman began following in the footsteps of this false God. The Light was pleased with Saavi and wanted to take her as a mate. But this was not possible, for The Light had no physical form, so what He did instead was impregnate Saavi while still in Its ethereal state.

Nine months pass, and Saavi brought a tiny girl into the world, which she named Ambriel, after her Heavenly heritage. Ambriel was raised knowing all the stories of her Father, and the nephalem grew up learning the mistakes of her mother's kind. Terrified, she stayed devoted to her Father, not wanting to suffer the same fate.

The Nephalem grew fast, and reached adulthood only ten years after her coming into this strange world. Seeing this, The Light came up with an idea. He would send His daughter out on a journey to spread His word to everyone she came in contact with. Her orders received, Ambriel traveled the world, speaking good of The Light with anyone who would listen.

Though, as she trekked along, not many humans liked the idea that they had to worship such a being, and Ambriel was torn. Her Father did not agree with the affairs of the petty mortals, and told His daughter to kill, regardless of her own feelings. Unable to say no, she did as she was told, and killed anyone who stood in her way.

I write these words as a follower of Ambriel, going and telling the story of her escapades. I am merely a human that has dedicated my life to The Light and to His benevolent glow. If this being of Heaven and Earth crosses your path, pray that she grants you the mercy to live another day.