my goal finally... between wrong choice & right choice.

not sure. but i will tell it shortly.
this year i go to pray on Tanabata which in japanese terms is called that days you can ask for wish but in my term is not Tanabata but using another ceremony culture to do wish.

so, I usually says other people's wish every year but this time i being greedy to tell my wish & happen that wish come true. (for now I am not sure but i find one although uncertain is the part of my wish or only just coincidence regarding my wish)

I will make sure myself will enjoy these part of my wish & try to learn situation.
I am not sure too if that person can be so wise toward me.
No matter is trap already set for me or something real need to deal with, I will try not hurt or get hurt much, maybe bleeding? rofl

in other meaning, please treat me well, starlight! i am very happy regarding one of my wish come true. i have to work more to get more good achievement! emotion_kirakira

PS : I need to be patience on bad situation i have on right now but who cares my tears anyway? xD
why also i need to get so worry about that bxtch?
i did nothing & i tell lie to others they are very kind toward me although no one believe what i say about all of bxtch cause the fact all people known them as true BXTCH!
they are now fall one by one in front of my eyes. it's like to see circus just going on for now.

should i happy or should i cry? please tell me....
o human, you really make me get confuse while i try to help you out but is that what i get after what i have done for you? am i not good enough?
- stay back & get myself into my place-