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Chiyura Koumovadra

Meaning of Name
Koumo is from “Koumori” meaning bat. Vadra is a portmanteau of Vlad and Dracula.

Famous Shinobi Name:
The White Darkness, The Leader of Lost Souls




Physical Description
picture but with yellow cat-like eyes.


140 lbs

Many small scars from cuts, mostly on his arms and torso.

You hunt animals and sell their meat. You are able to track targets by following footprints and gain Silent Homocide technique (C rank. you can rank it up through training). You also gain poison/toxin/venom resistance.
Salary: 1 Emerald

Thought to be long dead

══════ | Shinobi Data | ══════

Clan Name

Kekkei Genkai, Stage Obtained
Self Soul Mastery
Specific Soul Control

Known Chakra Elements
Doton, Sensory

Originally from Fire country

Rank, Title
S, Former Fire Lord

Special Skills
Strategy, Manipulation

Known Affiliations
Chiyura Clan

Dominant Jutsu Types
Skilled in Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu. Proficient in Taijutsu

Favored Jutsu
None yet


Fighting Tendencies

He seems to have no ultimate goal, but rather enjoys putting things into motion.

══════════ | Personal Information | ══════════

Koumovadra is the most evil b*****d I ever created. He has no goals. He just likes to move chess pieces around and cause chaos and destruction.

Suffering, death, and most of all making things unfold into tragedy

Everything that there is

Villianest of the villains

Miscellaneous Skills
Good on the piano


Physical Conditions
Lost his whole body

Mental Conditions
He’s ******** crazy

══════════ | Techniques & Jutsu | ══════════

Total Jutsu Points:
(1*3)+(2*2)+(3*2)+(4*4)+(5*1)+(7*5)+(9*2) = 87 (3 points remaining)



Replacement Technique
Rank E

Clone Technique
Rank E

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
The user transforms into an object roughly their own size.

Cloak of Invisibility
Class: Kenjutsu
The user holds a piece of cloth in front of themselves that looks like the background behind them, so they appear invisible.

Body Flicker Technique
Rank D

Bat Clone Technique
Rank C
A clone capable of using Koumovadra's techniques. It has an amount of chakra equal to the chakra of summoned bats put into it and bursts into bats when hit by a technique.

Darkness Gating
Class: Ninjutsu
This technique can be activated after an object (He cannot charge another person's body if they are unwilling) is charged with Koumovadra's chakra. That object and all matter within a 3.5 inch radius will be space-warped into Koumovadra's body or into the void. Alternatively this may be reversed to transfer a part of Koumovadra's body to within 3.5 inches of the object. Koumovadra will activate this technique by snapping his fingers. This can also be placed as a seal.

Vanishing Facial Copy Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
This jutsu allows the user to peel the face of another person off and wear it like a mask, effectively impersonating said person. In addition to copying the victim's face, it also copies their voice, chakra signature, everything about them. The grisly after-effect of this is that the target loses their face entirely, as if it were dissolved clean off their head.

Death Controlled Possessed Blood
Rank S

Yu Yu Kuiki: Ghost Zone
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
This technique was gained by stealing the soul of a person with a unique kekkei genkai. This technique allows the user to tap into another realm, which is linked to the time of the world. This enables the user to temporary stop time. The user can stop time for everyone; they can also allow others to move during this stopped time, which is a maximum of fifteen people, including themselves. While in this state, no one allowed to move can touch a 'frozen' human being, nor interact with him or her in a hazardous manner. If they attempt to, they simply pass through the person. After this ability is used, two of the user's soul limbs are consumed. It will take a Chiyura a week to regenerate them.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Summoning Techniques
Rank S

Elemental Ninjutsu

Underground Projection Fish
Rank C


Silent Homocide Technique
Rank C

Ototon Style: Dust to Dust
Class: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
The user sends a sound wave through their body which causes it to vibrate in a highly controlled way. It vibrates at an incredibly high rate that causes the particles of anything it comes in contact with, such as a wall, to simply break apart, which often simply turns something to dust. Because this technique is also a Ninjutsu, the user can spread the vibrations through a solid object by maintaining touch for a few seconds before the break apart takes place.


Voices In Your Head
Ninjutsu/ Kekki technique
Rank: D
The user can talk telepathically with any host within any radius of the user as long as the user has seen the host up close before. Anyone who has seen Koumovadra before can also contact him as long as Koumovadra picks up the phone (metaphorically speaking).


Detection Seal
Class: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: E
A simple seal linked to Koumovadra's mind. Koumovadra sees everything within 2 meters of the seal.

Seal Masking
Class: Fuuinjutsu
An ability which turns all of the user's fuuinjutsu invisible two seconds after they are placed.

Jutsu Trigger
Class: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: B
This technique is used to delay part of a technique. Koumovadra fulfills some of the requirements or pays the costs, then the technique becomes charged inside of something Koumovadra is touching by having a seal placed on it. Any time in the future, Koumovadra may activate the charge, and the technique will be performed at the point of the charge as if Koumovadra was still there. All costs and requirements must be payed sometime before the useful part of the technique is activated... so Koumovadra cannot kill someone with Jashinism and charge getting their blood for later, but he can ingest their blood and charge killing them with Jashinism for later. The actual trigger for this technique can be anything: lapse of time, a specific event, a word Koumovadra speaks. All conditions of the technique must still be performed, either after or before, though the charged object may stand in for koumovadra, range wise and such. Koumovadra may only have 6 mid-leve (B or A) and 2 high-level (S or SS) jutsu charged at a time.

Chakra Seal
Class: Fuuinjutsu
B rank
This seal rewrites the nature of chakra over the area that it is placed on, rendering the chakra useless as an energy source. This can be placed on another shinobi to stop them from using chakra (something thin like clothing will not protect you from having this technique placed on the skin), or placed on an object to stop it from being manipulated by techniques. Koumovadra may place a time counter on this seal if he likes so that it automatically dispels after a certain amount of time. When used on living targets, the seal will only last for three (of their) posts maximum, unless the user spends 3 seconds in contact with the target placing the seal.

Weapon Techniques




Fruit Bat
Summoning Rank: D
A small bat
Special abilities: Flight and sonar. Carries diseases such as rabies.

Vampire Bat
Summoning Rank: C
A small bat
Special abilities: All fruit bat abilities plus electromagnetic senses.

Bat Lord, Aragi
Summoning Rank: B
A large bat with a 20 foot wingspan used for flying on.
Special abilities: All fruit bat abilities. Able to send strong forceful winds with its wings.

Vampire Bat Lord, Neroshi
Summoning Rank: A
A large bat with a 10 foot wingspan used for flying on.
Special abilities: All vampire bat abilities. Able to send both strong forceful wings and slicing winds with its wings. This bat moves silently and becomes invisible in the relative darkness.

Bat out of Hell, Akuma
Summoning Rank: S
A bat with a wingspan the length of Manda.
Special abilities: All vampire bat abilities. Insanely fast and capable of breaking the sound barrier. Able to send both strong forceful wings and slicing winds with its wings. Able to divide into many smaller bats and reform. Able to create tornadoes of bats powerful enough to rip apart buildings with wind and teeth.

Kekkei Genkai

Naitekigan [The Inner Eye]
Rank D
This third eye is mostly symbolic, though it may appear during certain jutsu (this is also symbolic). In fact this kekki genkai is not a doujutsu. It is the mind's eye, the soul's eye. The Chiyura, more than any others have control over their own souls, and over the souls of others. In and of itself this kekki merely allows heightened spiritual senses, though Chiyura have been known to create techniques which utilize this eye, which may involve leaving their body or stealing the souls of others. Specialization will differ, depending on the individual member and factors such as element being Fire or the preference of Ninjutsu over Genjutsu. Each Kekki manifests two areas. The two listed below are Koumovadra's:

Corrosion **from Ayana's soul
This is the ability to affect the souls of others. One way someone could use this is to slowly erode their mind. Or it may be a chakra-based ninjutsu that attacks their soul.

Self Soul Mastery
This is the ability to do neat things with your own soul and it's connection to the body. One way this is used is with partial spirit puppetry to keep the body alive in a lech-like way.

Mass Soul Control
This is the ability to control masses of captured souls. These souls are used for generic purposes that souls would be used for and do not retain any characteristics of their owners. Unlike specific soul control, mass soul control treats all souls equally. It cannot tap the contents, but treats souls as material.

Specific Soul Control **from Seleena's soul
This ability requires IC killing and stealing of souls to be used. Put extreme limits techniques created by this so that you do not abuse it... like only gaining a few jutsu from stealing a real characters soul, and rarely using npcs, and when you do use npcs battle it out like you would do normally to learn the technique, and don't use npcs to steal a soul in order to obtain that soul's kekki genkai. Unlike Mass soul control, specific soul control pays attention to the contents of souls.

Soul Binding Technique
Rank: A
Requirements: Self Soul Mastery (for self) or Specific Soul Control (for others)
This is the ability to bind souls to objects. This requires a soul and a few minutes of focusing chakra to draw it into the desired object. Each object will have to be approved separately.

Soul Stealing Technique
Class: Passive Kekkei Technique
Rank: S
Enabled by: Specific Soul Control
This technique can only be used on an RPC. When someone dies near the user, they capture their soul. This allows you to take up to 10 points of techniques, either directly from that character's profile or by basing techniques on theirs. Even Kekkei Genkai can be stolen by stealing the soul.These Techniques must still be trained for, but training will be reduced by 1/2.

Souls Stolen:
-Raxxas Suuki

Soul Vampirism
Rank E
Requirements: Self Soul Mastery
The user immediately gains the memories of any person who's soul they steal. This doesn't grant them their abilities, merely access to knowledge.

Wraith's Inferno (Hinote no Shinrei) **from Seleena's soul
Rank: SS
Requires: Corrosion
The flames take a ghostly white appearance. They are white, but not bright white, burning dimly in a ghostly way. These are incorporeal flames, capable of passing through any material. While they do not affect matter, they consume and destroy all forms of energy and spirit. They consume, chakra as well as anti-chakra, so they will nullify chakra based techniques, while also passing through the techniques themselves. They will even consume a person's soul. The fire can be manipulated and directed as the user wills it. To create this attack actually consumes part of the users soul. They are left more empty afterwards and lose 7 jutsu points worth of techniques, which cannot be relearned. After using this technique, the user will be completely unable to use chakra until their soul readjusts, which takes a day.

Corruption Effects

Corruption Points: 0/8

Chiyura Corruption
Rank S
Required: Self Soul Mastery, Corrupted Chiyura Soul
By combining his own soul with the corruption, Koumovadra was able to create a more powerful version of the corruption. Feeding off of Koumovadra’s malevolence, anything corrupted will have all of its corruption abilities temporarily raised by 2 ranks. Any SS rank usage of the boosted techniques is optional, but comes with the drawback that after using it, the user is unable to use chakra for a day. This is wide-range and can affect an entire village, but temporary. The secondary ability is for Koumovadra to cause corruption by placing his hands over someone and forcing in Chiyura corruption. This effect is permanent.

Other Abilities

Bottomless Aura
Rank B-SS
Most of the time Koumovadra keeps his aura hidden behind a playful (though terrifying in its own way) façade. When he allows his aura to fully surface, though, its affects can be devastating. At its lowest state, it merely paralyzes the target with fear similarly to Orochimaru’s killing intent. But at S rank, the targets body begins to commit suicide. Cells begin to die and organs race faster and faster… the most common ending is a heart attack. It is possible to escape this using any means which could be used to escape a genjutsu. At SS rank, however even after escaping, the power of the technique scars the targets subconscious leaving even fearless shinobi broken, similarly to the after effects of tsukuyomi. It would certainly disrupt any rational thoughts and put the target at a big disadvantage. Using this aura at SS rank has a price, however. Afterwards Koumovadra's willpower is used up and he will be unable to control his host for 2 days (in rp). So, they will have no access to the bulk of Koumovadra's techniques, but onlly the abilities of the amulet of Jashin.

═══════════ | Background Data | ═══════════


Other Relationships

His early life remains much shrouded in mystery. But the earliest reports of Koumovadra speak of his brutality. Thousands died at his hand, and everything he touched rotted.

What happened in-between that time long ago and now remains unclear.


Asira his descendant found his soul in the corruption. He leeched off of her power and forced her to feed him with lives until he had regained his power, then broke free.

═════════ | Weapons & Equipment | ═════════

Normal objects your character has. Kunai, shuriken, wire, etc.

Special Objects
Amulet of Jashin
This is the amulet to which Koumovadra's soul is bound. He can take control of anyone whose flesh it attaches to. Once attached,it becomes a part of their flesh until Koumovadra chooses to remove it. As a benefit, they become immortal and are able to use curse technique: death controlling possessed blood. If the amulet is destroyed, Koumovadra will die, as will anyone it is bound to. This amulet is actually corrupted and fueled by antichakra.

Many Knives hidden throughout his body
Also a spoon
Smoke bombs
Flash bombs
A rock
explosive tags