Chapter 9:

A few days pass and Alura had no idea that her 'exploring' hadn't really gone unnoticed. Her bodyguard was never far, keeping notes on everything she had been doing. As for Asth when ever he wasn't with his queen his was busy elsewhere. Today after breakfast he walks into a small room he often used for himself. The only thing in there was a bed and a lone maid tied down to it. She had been brought here some time ago and he had been using her in different ways to get out his coming frustrations of not being able to use his wife for much longer. The poor maid had been here for two days now, she shakes as the she heard the door close.

He gave her a gag as well as a blindfold, she couldn't do a damn thing to stop him. The only other time someone came in was to change the bed, and he trained his staff well to do so without moving his newest toy. Like always he didn't bother to remove all his clothes, just his pants as he gets onto the bed and sits on her stomach. "Miss me my dear, oh I bet you did." The poor girl could only let out a soft whimper as he grabs both her breast and brings them together. He slides his manhood between then and starts thrusting slowly. "Mmm, a fine thing they are, I think women would be boring without such large body parts." He runs his thumbs over her nipples as he uses her body to pleasure himself.

He had been using her numerous times over the last two days, she lost count on how often he was in here, touching her. He starts thrusting faster, toying with both her breast roughly. The straps on her arms and legs kept her from moving, all she could feel was him sliding over her, his pre already leaking onto her skin. He hits his release and lets it fly onto her face. "The look suits you." He laughs still toying with her breast. He enjoyed watching her body react to his touch, her nipples slowly becoming hard. He pulls away as he takes one of her nipples into his mouth and starts sucking on it.

The king had his own kinks, and this was just one of them. He moans as he keeps one hand on her other breast as he thrust into her lower hole. He loved going there, it was always the tightest as he takes her, earning a rough cry come from the girl. He starts hard, pushing all the way in as he groans in pleasure. He closes his eyes just as there was a knock at the door. Not bothering to stop he turns his head. "Enter." The guard walks in, not bothered in the slightest in what he saw. The king balls deep in the maids butthole. "Yes?" The guard jumps a bit and stands tall. "It's about the queen my lord."

Asth didn't seemed pleased, but doesn't stop, only going harder so he could finish and pull out, walking over to his guard. "What about her?" The guard keeps his eyes on the king the whole time. "I have been watching her sir, slowly testing her limits to how far she can go, just today she found your study and took only a single piece of paper and a pen." Asth gives it some thought and soon starts to laugh. "Cute, she thinks she's so clever, you know what, I'm hungry, time for an early dinner." He cleans himself up and gets dressed as he heads out of the room. "Have fun with her, I'm done with her."

The maid pants deeply, thinking it was over with until the room was full of guards. The door closes as six of them enter to use her as they wished. As for Asth he remained calm as he goes to the room he kept Alura in, without a knock he goes and she jumps. She had just finished her letter and hid it under her bed. She had just sat down as he entered and soon got up. "My Lord...." Her blood ran cold, something was wrong, very wrong as he walked up to her. He just smiles as he runs his hand over her cheek. "Care to join me for a light snack, after all you need it." She says nothing as he takes her hand and leads her to the kitchen.

Alura couldn't figure it out as he takes her to the kitchen. However he doesn't bother to take her to the table as he shoves her to the floor. She stumbles as she falls and hits hard, looking up at him. "I'm not stupid, your bodyguard told me everything, ho you found my study, tell me, how did you do it?" She licks her dry lips. " lucky, that's all, I didn' anything....." That earned her a hard slap to the face. "Shut up, pregnant or not it no longer matters, you were warned, and now you'll pay the price." He wanted to try something different with her but for now he was to angry to really bother with anything to fancy.

He made sure to knock her out cold before dragging her body to the lower floor the castle had, the dungeon. Asth really hadn't used the place in quite some time, however his less than willing wife was the perfect candidate to use it now. When Alura woke up she was of course naked and on a metal table. It was so cold it made her skin red as she looked around the dim room. She tried to move, but she was strapped down. Her legs were bent up and tired, spread wide for the king. He smiles as he runs his finger over her folds. "You're up, it's such a shame to bring you here, I had such high hopes for you, I might had been able to forgive you, if only you had been honest."

She tries to speak, only to find her mouth had been gagged and she shakes her head, muffling something at him. Not that he cared what she had to say. She blinks as she lays there, a strange sound filled the room. It was getting warmer by the minute and soon he walks away. "Ah it's done." She watches as he pulls a glowing hot rod out from somewhere with a pair of metal tongues. Her eyes widen as it becomes clear what he planned to do to her. He was going to have fun with her however as he thrust the burning metal into her opening. Her body twitches as he climbs on top of her and rubs against her. Alura didn't last long against the treatment but Asth didn't care, he used her body until he got bored and threw her body somewhere for the rats to have. So much for this marriage, he shrugs and heads back upstairs to go back to his normal habits.