Crown of Flies

Thrown in your stone tomb
I will raped the virgin's womb
She's the other whore
Mary will back for more
Your mother is a c**t
And your father's dead
I like the crown of flies
That surround your head

The king of nothing
The jester of sin
The queen of lust
She let's me in

You died for nothing
As hang you upon the cross
You gave your life
For excess sin
Was the cost
Dangle in misery
And cry out loud
For you choke on your fly cloud

The king of jokes
The jester of death
The queen of lies
With exposed breasts

Rot away into the book
As the we seal your tomb
You only brought more misery
Your death was meant to be
Those maggots will fill your eyes
As they eat away the lies
And you become the crowned king of flies