If FairyTale was pitched as an animation series:

Intro: The Witch in front of her cauldron in the cabin the the forest, chanting (...singing?) her spells and recalling why she hates the royal family so (they didn't pick her as the royal healer). In the shadows Majorie watches. Until now, she had been training to be the royal healer, and had no idea her mentor was, well, evil. So before the spell can be fully cast, to set in stone, 13-year old Majorie shoves/tackles the witch into the fireplace. RIP witch. Majorie fixes the spell so that it would settle fully in five years, before being knocked out by a bright flash from the cauldron. She wakes up moments later, to realize that her house has turned to pretzel and the forest to candy. She realizes that she is unable to leave the forest.

(all the sleeping beauty references in this lol)