Buried Further than Hell
Many apologies cannot fix what was done to you.
Nor, can I fathom what was done to you through and through.
I may say I went through a lot of suffering.
My previous lovers.
My present parents.
My so-called friends.
I complained so much about how I was mistreated...
But then, I read your story, and how those "men" treaded.
I never realized then that there were "monsters" much more hideous than the ones I fought.
You were "drowning" in your blood,
while those men were embracing and getting all over your messy bodily flood.
Dearest Junko, you whined of thirst.
You sought out for food because of hunger.
Yet, it gets cut off because of their thunder.
You weep
as your blood seeps.
You never belonged there.
What was done to you was definitely unfair.
All the inanimate objects shoved into your orifices.
Light bulbs.
And more...
So much more.
It is unbearable to describe with all the gore.
All of this due to amusement and boredom.
I sincerely apologize for what you have went through.
I never will forget you as your death has led you to your freedom.
May you reside in sweet happiness and peace within the heavens.
Away from the kidnapping, rape, and torture.
Let the flesh of the monsters get shred and torn by the vultures.
You among many victims will be missed.
You are no longer alone.
Junko Furuta, you can finally rest in peace.
For, I wish nothing more than to ease your pain
as I look up in the rain.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Note: Hello fellow readers, this poem may be different than what I usually write. But, I have been meaning to write this poem for some time because of how hurt I was to learn about Junko Furuta and her situation. My condolences goes out to her and her family members. Junko Furuta, if my poem was not clear enough, was a young woman, who was kidnapped, severely tortured and raped by four "men." This lasted for forty-four days, hence the name "44 Days of Hell." Sadly, she is and will not be the only victim of cases like this. I wrote this in remembrance of Junko Furuta among many victims who suffered from unfair treatment by monsters. For more details about Junko Furuta, go to this link: https://ripeace.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/the-murder-of-junko-furuta-44-days-of-hell/
And as always, thank you for supporting me and reading my work. Happy Reading.
R.I.P Junko Furuta: November 22, 1972 - January 4, 1989