uhm... my cousin, he just broke with his first Girlfriend & I just know that was... 2 weeks ago they broke. Girl who ask for break up, not my cousin.

well.. i usually see kind of that break up story from outside of my world but when it's come nearly my friend or family, i quite surprised..

he kinda hiding his cry when i meet him on eyes.
uhm, he also have no appetite for eat, he says he wishing his girlfriend to come back again to him.
he also beg to GOD for pity on him.
I don't know what to do... @_@

I also on same condition back on very very long time ago & I was young than him when my heart shattered into dust. the condition not same cause his ex-girlfriend still alive while i cannot see him anymore than watching his picture from my mind & remember his voice.

but things I notice after see him very down. he really love his girlfriend so much!
so far, i heard from my sister who always stay around him during they were together, when they cooking together, he always stay on her side. always talking together on living room, & his Girlfriends always support him.

well, the reason of their broke sound funny.
they are not arguing anything, they also rare fighting each other, it just parent from girl's side.

oh well... this is fact! my parent also same LOL. I feel pity with both especially my cousin which now losing his weight drastically...
uhm, to be honest I am very grateful with his ex-girlfriend who motivate my cousin to do DIET!! xD (sorry my cousin for being naught!)
somehow i understand, but no choice. however, life always cruel.

I also cannot fight the fate if my parent also involving into my business if i were his girlfriend.
However, things i learn from there, boys also like girl when broke up on relationship burning_eyes
oh well... who knows? maybe not all people...