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SplendourOfColour's Random ramblings in a webologna journal thingy
The random ramblings of an intrigued, inquiring mind of a starving fine artist. Blogs, journals, thoughts, feelings, opinions, poems, stories, and possibly even some artwork; just might be posted in this corner of the wonderful world of gaia.
oops, entry almost accidentally deleted, but happy Tanabata
Hello again smile Thank you for reading! Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are.

I just spent two long hours writing an incredibly long entry here... only to freak out about copyright and trademark laws and whether I can mention a company or product that I like,or comment about one that I don't like, but am not affiliated with in any way shape or form. As well as make a parody or joke about other copyrighted material.
Well, I started reading about copyrights and trademarks and now I am so scared of the laws, that even though I am pretty sure I would have fallen under the"fair use" thingy, I wound up deciding to rewrite the whole thing.
And then... I accidentally deleted the whole entire piece of writing, including parts that were completely my own and totally safe to write.

Yeah, I can be a klutz sometimes. Especially when I am overtired.

Hmm, perhaps today, I shall write a poem here instead of my usual ramblings.

Ah but before I do, what's with all the journals that look like hacked accounts posting spam? I would report them but there are just so many now. It's almost frightening how many there are now.
I hope none of my readers ever suffer from a hacked account.
Which is why I never fully trust any links or websites mentioned in a post that looks like spam or a hacked account.

Actually, that is why I set the comments on this webologna thingamajiggy to friends only. I actually would enjoy comments from anyone reading this. However, I am not willing to open my journal thingy up to potential spamming or hacking.

That being said, if your intent is not to spam me or hack me, then please feel free to send your comments to me via the pm system, here on Gaia Online. But please remember to follow Gaia TOS. I don't really want an angry vehement rant thrown my way in the form of a pm.
Honestly, I do hope and pray that no one reading this is offended by what I write here.

Also, I don't actually have any "friends" here on gaia, so if any of you brave souls who read my ramblings, want to get to know me better, or be my friend online, feel free to send me a friend request.
Just keep in mind that I do tend to be mostly a socialized introvert or an ambivert when it comes to conversation sometimes. Sorry in advance.

Anyways, here is where I think I shall partake in a poem. I hope I don't spend the rest of the day talking in rhymes though, since that is my usual side effects of poetry.

Welp, there's that word again, lol just kidding, sorta. XD Welp, here goes: ...

Your tender gaze I spied upon,
just the other day.
When told I couldn't "visit" you,
I felt a slight dismay.

I preceeded through the action,
Befuddled, hurt, than shy.
When again, at last, I saw you,
In the corner of my eye.

I hoped you didn't hate me,
Afraid of being more hurt.
But I couldn't keep resistance,
I do love it when you flirt.

I don't know when I fell for you,
I still was trying to ponder.
When at last my thoughts,
and then my eyes,
Towards you, began to wander.

I asked my mom if it was ok,
To turn and go say hi.
When suddenly she misheard me,
And Gave approvals for goodbye.

And then you heard, and greeted us,
And surely my heart did leap.
For the simple fact that you said hello first,
Moved me quite so deep.

My cold and shy exterior,
Melted into laughs and smiles.
As we joked about a funny thing,
Your sweet charm seemingly lacking guile.

I gazed into your kind sweet face,
Loving your burnt seinna orb's hue,
But secretly wishing I could talk some more,
Without other judgmental people's view.

So alas, I left with you, still wondering how I truly am,
And I left with my heart still racing,
Feeling like it swam.

At last my mom and I did sit,
In our old dead car.
And I began to sigh relief, forgetting you weren't far.

I began to state how relieved I was,
That hatred from you, did not appear. When suddenly, there you came,
Your path crossing mine, quite clear.

I shyly waved, and said goodbye,
You seemed to want to linger.
When someone called you back to them,
Seemingly wrapping you around their finger.

But who am I to judge.
I concluded, with slight envy.
I am sure you know them far more well,
As I am sure friends and others can be.

So alas, I looked away,
trying not to show you my true feelings.
But I must admit that jealousy always leaves my heartstrings peeling.

I didn't see your beautiful face, your final cute expression,
I sadly was thrown away into,
a jellyfish filled depression.

But alas after crying and singing love songs,
My heart has been renewed.
And I know it won't be long,
'til I see you again,
And my heart shall beat askew.

I love your sense of humor,
Your kindness, patience,
smile and style.
I only wish I could spend more time with you, and if ok, hug you once in a awhile.

But who am I kidding, I would still want more, no time would be enough.
For all the questions that I want to ask you,
Getting to know you would be lengthy stuff.

So alas my crush still deepens,
Love is knocking at my door,
But until we actually meet again,
I shall call it le amor.

...Well, I guess it was a Tanabata themed poem. Yeah, um, happy Tanabata everybody! XD

Well, please don't steal my poem, if anyone is tempted.

Anyways, I shall end this webologna thingamajiggy here for today. I hope I have left everyone with a better day instead of a worse one.

And as always, thank you for reading! I hope you all have a Blessed day!

♡ ~ SplendourOfColour

~I love and believe in Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Saviour!

~You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
~I think a million thoughts, I voice only a thousand.

~If I have offended you, than I am sorry.
~If you have tipped my post, or liked something that I have said, than I truly thank you!
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