M: Red // Green // Blue // Purple // White
F: Orange // Yellow // Pink // Brown // Black

Idk, I kinda wanna dump Pink and Brown since they're not super important, they literally only exist for the cute little side story of romance. And play the police and detective in Mafia. White's kind of an idiot but I can't really dump him since I need white to vs. Black, someone to be the doctor.

The core 6 are set though, even though Purple and Red are still useless AF at the moment. I can't really come up with designs for them. I can't decide whether or not i want to make them brothers or twins or not related at all... it's just because they're both (the only) blondes rn so they kinda look alike LOL. But then Purple's parents weren't really there at home so he ate alone a lot but Red had a really pushy dad, so then perhaps their parents were divorced? idk? but usually the kids stay together tho. ugh.