Rose woke up like any other day. Alone, and in a cold, dark dungeon. She was captured by a cruel man several months ago. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Several men were breaking into the castle that was just right outside of the village she lived in. On their way out one of the had ran into her dropping some of the items the man had stollen. With her luck tho the man got away and the guards trailing them took her while the other guards tried trailing the others. Rose never stole a thing from anybody. She had never even steped foot in the castle, but the guard who took her didn't believe her. So there she sits in the dungeon of a castle to a man she had never met or even seen.

Rose pulled against her chains making lot of noise purposly. 'THAT IS ENOUGH!!' A man come around the corner yelling at her. 'I've had about enough of you!!' She could tell she had pissed him off for the last time. He started messing with the keys trying to unlock her cell. Rose quickly stood, "If you let me go I wont tell anybody whats happened. I promise. You wont have to hear me all the time. Please just let me go." She begged trying to get as far away from him as her chains would let her. 'You are never leaving this cell. You will never see the outside world. If I have to I will feed you to the beast!' The guard yanked opened the cell door and stormed in towards her. He raised his hand hitting her hard across the face. With a yelp she cover her face with her hands and slowly slid down the wall to where she was sitting infront of him refusing to look up. 'Now if I hear another sound come out of you I will give you to the beast who owns this castle.' As the man walked away Rose glared daggers into his back. She had never heard of the beast. All she was ever told was that an evil man ruled the castle. No body ever saw him, but you could hear the beast howl at night. She wondered what kind of castle she was kept in. Some nights being glad she was locked in her cell but not with the guard she was left with. He was the only one shes ever seen since she was captured. With a sudden loud bang and heavy foot steps comming down the stairs next to her cell she watched from the shadows in a corner who was comming down to this horrible place.