Their are parts of me that are broken right now and their are parts of me that run away from the pain every once in a while. There is a side of me that cares to much and their is an ocean in me that is 2 deep.their is a quality in me that drives people away and even if I ask them to stay they slip away

The people I love the people that share memories with me they keep hurting me every day even at night they visit me in my dreams and they remind me of their awful ways . Why do i know you why was I born amongst you were you created to cause people so much pain. What is the point anyway what's the point of you saying what you say and doing what you do I'm starting to think that this is not the real you. The real you must be far away somewhere or maybe lost in a distant land I wish I knew where the real you went because then I could rescue you or at least I could try,

I don't have much money matter of fact I think i'm considered to be poor but I will still try my best to reach you if I can. I'm only a woman I'm only human . I'm only looked down upon everyday. And I can handle those things but I can't handle seeing you slip away seeing you slowly die, seeing you kill yourself. I can handle being alone or being poor but I can't handle losing the people I love.