Everyday on Jakku is pretty much the same as the next. I would get up every morning, dress, load my gear up onto my speeder, and head out to the Graveyard to scrounge up what I could find that might be profitable. The stuff that's still functioning would get traded immediately to Unkar Plutt, the junk boss in Niima Outpost while the stuff that's not I'd bring back to my home to repair. The blobfish paid more if you brought him parts that work.That was until I met BB-8.

I knew just from the look of him that there was something off. He was a newer model astromech and didn't come from the graveyard which made him all the more valuable. It came as no surprise to me that a Teedo would want him or that a nightw*tcher worm would see in him an appetizing treat. I never could have imagined then just how much the little droid would change everything.