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                              role wanted: Waiter
                              how busy are you?: I'm on summer break until August 10th, so I'm not very busy for the next few weeks!
                              username: Prince Corrin
                              samples Sample

                              name: Circe Augustus
                              age: 29
                              gender: Male
                              sexuality: Bisexual
                              race: Night Elf


                              Circe first came to the garden of Irene because he had heard of the rare species of flowers that they had, and since he was interested in botany, decided to visit. Drawn to them, he decided to visit only to be greeted with not just a spectacular garden, but the works of a library and a homey cafe. He wanted to see this beautiful place flourish for all the hard work that was put into it by it's loving owners, and stayed despite not being too familiar with the workers, but that was something he was willing to try and overcome.

                              Princess Aoba