Have you ever noticed that in highly NAZI-influenced nations there is a tendency for tall people to...
1. Congregate together, favoring other tall people. Example: I once saw a group of explicitly tall people in a mall dressed as Jedi, whom clearly mistakenly believe tallness to be a requirement of being a Jedi just because they are themselves tall. This shameful group does not in any way capture Jedi thought, nor Sith. Instead, they capture NAZI thought, which barely exists in Star Wars, and is found in the Galactic Empire, which is the exact opposite group of what they were trying to represent.
2. Reward eachother for being tall. They brag about it. They bolster it up for eachother. They delight in it. They show it off. And, yes, they reward eachother for it with higher pay, promotions, etc. when they can, and they go around telling the rest of us that they're doing such an illegal discriminatory act in the work place. (Non-tall do not typically reward tall people for being tall.)
3. Tell Big Lies in favor of tallness to the masses of their countries that are disproven at the drop of a hat by history, and science, yet claimed to itself be scientific. Every so often, if you watch "science" "news," articles crop up that are blatantly anti-science, and anti-history-keeping claiming good things about tall people. (It's just as ridiculous when we see "science" favoring first born children out of sibling rivalry issues.)
--A very popular Big Lie of tall people is that short people are pursuing them to try to have taller children, while it's usually the other way around. The fact that this lie comes largely from heterosexual men about heterosexual women itself debunks the claim. (It is scientifically, and historically proven that straight men pursue, while straight women lure, then accept or reject. (And, luring is 50-99% not targeting specific individuals, it's 50-99% peacocking, which targets EVERYONE WHO CAN SEE IT.))

NAZIism comes from the current two tallest races/sub-races on Earth: Scandinavians, and Germans. So, when these groups got together, and decided what to claim is superior, they selected tallness, among other traits commonly found among their own two races. There wasn't any science, or history involved. (Some of the looks they prize came from Slavic admixture, not themselves; proving history, and genealogy weren't considered. (But, they have Big Lies claiming that these characteristics come from their own, because they like it.) And, some of what they chose to favor is proven by history, and scientific study to be inferior. (We're not allowed to discuss what those traits are, because it upsets people, and makes them fear victimization in a holocaust, even though superior peoples do not do holocausts, they are above it.))

But, NAZIs whom had power adopted NAZIism, and started to reward tallness, among other traits, reserving powerful positions for other people with these traits. In NAZI nations, such as the United States, this had a large impact on society. (Again, we are not allowed to say if that is a positive, or negative impact. Though, there are many tall people whom will claim that it's positive because they personally are privileged in this new [insert country name here].)