Some backstory: Weiss was the first to harness her power, since she's a wannabe DJ and music composition major, she's like never without her headphones, thus when she plays EDM she can utilize her power, and stuff. (Solar Rays). I don't really know what do with Cian rn, because I keep forgetting to dig through the zOMG! rings and sort them based on power :'D ... he has slash tho

ok so in the hospital, Midori wakes up. He's like blind now, which sucks, and he feels around him to get a sense of where he is. He touches the fabric of the hospital sheets, the bandages on his face and torso, the cup of water on the table next to him... and he touches his supposed power-activating blue nigh mask. as a joke, he decides to put them on, but the moment he does... he can see. He's kind of shocked - a moment ago he was totally blind - but now he can see, even though everything is a shade of blue.

He looks over to a sleeping Weiss and Cian, who are passed out on two shitty chairs in his hospital room. Weiss is cradling his weeb doll. Suddenly protective of his property, Midori gets up and walks over to him. He realizes that he is indeed not dreaming; he really CAN see, as he touches the ground and walks toward his friends. He takes his doll from Weiss, returns to the bed, and falls asleep.

In the morning they discuss how the heck Midori got his doll. Cian thinks Weiss gave it to him, Weiss doesn't remember doing so and thinks Cian did it. Midori wakes with the doll in his hands, thinking last night's blue-ness was a dream. But it wasn't. He's able to describe the layout of the room to the pair, much to his own surprise. He realizes then that his power waited until this long to activate for a reason... I guess it was fated that he was going to be blinded.