I haven't done this for awhile, so, BS while I procrastinate sleeping.

I don't know exactly how Black takes over/corrupts my antagonist colours, but she does, and there's this big fight scene at the skate park in the late evening (it's rly dark outside), where Purple uses his shadow-ninja-stuff and like, slashes out Blue's eyes.

So Blue is left in a bleeding blob on the ground (he also suffered a blow to his stomach) and Green is busy calling an ambulance because this battle stuff went WAYY too far in his eyes. Yellow looks at Purple and is like, you didn't mean that... did you? She's all sad and stuff because she doesn't want to believe that Purple hurt Blue like that. But Purple seems to realize for a moment that he's under some kind of influence, unfortunately his will is not strong enough to overcome it and he ends up running off, leaving the protagonist trio alone.

I guess I'll talk about Blue in the hospital and learning about his power next. NIGHT