Okay, so lately, there has definitely been a thin line between love and hate and its getting really annoying. I don't meet too many people that think for themselves anymore. People used to talk about living life your way and being happy, but I can't shake the feeling that everyone is walking on eggshells to avoid conflict with literally everyone else. But why should I care about what the person next to me is doing with their lives? Why should it bother me if they're fat, gay, white, or religious? How does it effect me in any way? IT DOESN'T! People are just being assholes because they're ******** bored with their own lives and they have nothing interesting to occupy their time with. People who are so ready to point out your mistakes and shortcomings just seem evil to me now. I feel like evil is a strong word, but what other word would you use to describe someone who just seems to be out to get you for no reason at all except for their personal enjoyment? The world has truly become a horrible place.