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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Resident Evil: Vendetta -- Rebecca Chambers Is Alive!
I’m so happy to see Rebecca Chambers again, even though it’s just in a CGI film.

However, why in the world is she still wearing the same outfit from the first game she appeared in? When I saw her wearing it in the trailer of Resident Evil: Vendetta I assume it was a flashback. Nope.

Did she keep the outdated outfit in her closet all this years, waiting for the day that she would have a need for it again? If so, it would have been nice if someone had pointed it out, such as Chris, about having that old thing and why not switch it out for one of their newer tactical vests before they got on that hybrid helicopter plane thing. And she could be like, ‘no thanks, this thing has been through a lot with me and there’s no need to replace it when it’s still in good condition’.

But they didn’t do that. Instead, I think that Capcom figured everyone forgotten who she was and decided to have her wear the same outfit as a reminder. Even without the outfit it’s obviously who she is because she looks the same, just slightly older. Unlike Jill, Chris and sometimes Leon who seem to change looks with every game.

She was born in 1980 and assuming that Resident Evil: Vendetta takes place in 2017 that will make her currently 37 years old. That also means that Leon is 40 years old and Chris is around 46. It’s been about 19 years since we last saw her in Resident Evil Zero (she was 18 when she graduated college and joined S.T.A.R.S.). She’s now working in an university as a professor, using her knowledge of medicine to develop possible cures for viruses. So it’s nice to see that she didn’t become discourage and actually became a scientist to help combat bio-terrorism.

I was hoping that since Rebecca was in this that there would be a tiny mention of Billy Coen. Because hoping for him to actually appear in the film would be wishful thinking. I’ve long since given up in him ever appearing in the video games. Would it be too much to ask, to learn that Billy contacted her at some point? Even if it’s to just to let her know that he’s alive and thankful. Or that he owns her one and if she ever needs help, that she can call him to return the favor or something.

Heck, why not make another video game or CGI film about him. Would he not want justice (and/or know the real reason) why his team committed the crime and blamed it all on him? Was there more to the story? After all, I always figured that there might have been a connection in his mission with Resident Evil 5 since they do happen in the same place, Africa.

Sheva was 8 years old when her parents died and later on she learned that they were murder, not killed in an accident at the factory they worked in. The factory was the location of a final test of one of Umbrella's many B.O.W.s. With the help of the government's army (which could have been Billy’s team or his team aided the team that worked with Umbrella), Umbrella erased Sheva's village and its inhabitants once the test was completed.

I’m not sure if the years add up, but it’s a possibility. If it wasn’t that exact incident, it could have been something similar. But who’s to say that didn’t happen also in other areas of Africa (if not around the world because Umbrella seems to have secret bases everywhere)? So it’s not like it’s impossible that there could have been some sort of connection that Billy’s team had with Umbrella or something.

Or did he just let it be, got a new identity and settle down? He would be 45 years old now, so it’s not like he would break a hip (look at Chris and Leon). There’s always a way to bring him back to the Resident Evil series, be it by choice (like he wants justice, to find out the truth of what happen or feeling the need to right a wrong because he felt guilty for what happen) or he gets drag back into it without a choice (since there’s so much bio-terrorism going on).

I’m rambling, the point is, it was nice to see Rebecca again and to know what she has been up to after all these years. But it would have been even better if Billy was somewhere in it too. It just feels a bit weird to have Rebecca without Billy.

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