Lukewarm Summers
My hand hovers over the water.
Creating waves.
But, can our love behave?
Am I still the same person?
My love.
Can you love me again?
I spent countless of summers with you.
My love with you is gritty like the sand under my feet.
It rises and falls like the waves against the rotting wooden beach port.
Each time, the waves are taking away a piece of it.
Could I be draining you like those waves?
I fear so much.
Not for me,
but for you.
I have feared for too long.
Hurting you.
Lying to you.
Hiding from you.
Even worse, blaming you.
I sincerely apologize.
For, I cannot do this anymore.
I sometimes wonder to myself every second of my day.
Will this fade away?
Will our love fall and wash away like a sand castle?
Am I that much of a hassle?
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Hello my fellow readers, happy first day of Summer!~ I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. I had fun writing it. (: I sincerely wish that everyone has a nice, healthy, and safe summer. I would like to thank everyone with their patience and support by reading my work. It means a lot to me.I look forward to writing more as I have kept note of future topics I will be writing as I progress. I always welcome feedback from people that read my work as well as the collaborations I have done with my friends. Feel free to comment below any topic you want me to write in the near future. As always, happy reading! heart My Tumblr (if you want to follow me):