If you're looking for an immersive, high-octane, fantasy roleplaying community, you are exactly the sort of person we are looking for!

Welcome to Dragon Castle!

We are a group of extremely avid and passionate roleplayers that came from a previous adventure of a similar name. Due to unfortunate occurrences between participants and the loss of a few of our members, we decided to breathe new life into it and make it our own for a new experience for all to enjoy!

Dragon Castle is an open sandbox roleplay where you can create any story within the limits of the rules. Of course, we do have an active central story that takes place, but it is not required by you to participate.

Certain plots, areas, and characters can be completely immersed into the world by your own devices. As long as they are not completely damaging or over-top within the world, creative ideas are more than welcome to be included into the roleplay. However, if you wish for something more dramatic to occur (Ex. Character Deaths, Powerful Influential NPCs, Major Locales) talk with one of our mods and we'll discuss it for consideration.
We are a group of friends who are extremely laid back and just wish to have fun roleplaying with others. Honestly, go out there and have fun.
The world is yours to immerse yourself in! Contact me if interested!