So I started thinking about Fantasy2 again while brainstorming stuff to storyboard.
Basically a breakdown of the characters that existed:

The Sirs: Four very famous, young, arguably charming, and questionably aesthetically-pleasing boys who are previous champions of the Immortal arena. Consists of their leader, Jonah (son of the leader of the Wizards, rather full of himself but very organized), Vincent (Magician who mainly manipulates the earth element), Ray (Spellbinder who is better at hand-to-hand combat and charm than at necromancing), and Cody (10/10 fan favourite, looks cute and innocent but is a ruthless Lurker).

The Unnamed Trio: Alice (Summoner who will forever hold the official apprentice title, speaks all six Demon Dialects fluently but is VERY prone to Lurker manipulation), Jade (leader & Potioner, shoots poisoned arrows, deadly aim, clumsy when loses glasses), and Christy (sweet Seer + battle duo's coach). You can also hire this trio to like, predict your future or like assassinate someone.

The Other Unnamed Trio: Lisa (leader & ruthless lurker), Amelia (skilled but naive Sorcerer, hits things with her staff and has a fondness for the land's many beasts), and Maia (Seer-in-training + battle coach). Just a rival for the Unnamed Trio.

The Guarde: Rivals to the Sirs, also military force leaders of one of the Light side's cities? Claire (leader & spellbinder, former training done with Ray, so she hates his guts), Darren (Potioner, uses dart gun, not excellent at Alchemy), Tiffany (powerful Magician who also likes to use the Earth element) and Harrison (Magician who uses Water element primarily.)

Travis - Some dude from the Sorcerer's side that is Jonah's #1 rival, also winner of the solo Immortal arena.