past occupations : ex-player for hire. i didn't mean about prostitute, but GAME! xp
you may never heard about this works in your real life or maybe you know actually it happen around you, cause if online, you may get banned if known by admin.
for real life, there is some top player around game center who can bought by money!
and if they known well among top gamer group, they will get known by someone with lot of money, they will be asked for challenge invitation with the big reward after play. but.. it's very rare you get yourself hire by people like that! i think i was lucky that time rofl especially i am girl, not boy.

How do you get yourself on that circle?
truthfully, it was long story until i can be on their circle.
it was from school. some people known i addicted with games cause... yeah, if you seek my previous journal, you may read when i get myself known by someone who actually has heavy addiction with anime or simply you call them OTAKU.
Not much girl want to be my friend unless asking for doing homework with group or pity on me for being gamer all the time. ( that time girl always talk about love, cosmetic, boys, & girly things. i have less interest with that in past & always bring anime magazine around school )
until my friend who help me get to know about games world gone, i getting myself addiction with games in real life.. that time i don't know about online things & one of male friends on my school talk with me about games. because we could maintain talk everyday about games & trade information about latest game, he told me to follow him with his circle friends.

BIG NOTE : you cannot expect gamer is ugly cause not all of them is ugly!
they have ugly one but i think it just he don't want to be & be himself.
I found myself get associated with handsome but oh well.. i don't want to get myself in problem~ because one of them try to hit me! not long after i run, another try..

you may ask me or says this to me? oh no! what was you think that time that make you run away from them? was it good chance for you to accept offer to be his GF?
we still too young, buddy! go get yourself with another girl! :C

what kind of activity you did with them?
I usually play on game center with my male friends on Sunday or Weekend which mean with some male friends with not much associate with girl around them on school. in that case, i rare get problem when i was around them & we pick games from that game center place such haunt house game, racing, etc. this games i mean it's real game, not online.

what kind games did you play?
sometime they ask me to finish all the map if playing for games with adventure themes. which mean i may spend a lot money if i get killed many times on horror games! they know & always tease me! fxck it!
if win or keep survive until end of games, i will get money for real.

what will you do with the money you have?
I spent my money for food rofl
I usually ask them what do you want to eat, guys?
then they says to me, it useless if you wasted your money (money I got from them) for us xd
I still remember what they says to me & still they accept what i bought for them! lol
well, until now it's still fresh on my mind but it's funny moment~

still in present time, you associate with them?
No. i told you, it was my past occupations.
we did not meet again after school graduation. i also have no account for social life online such facebook, yahoo email, & more in past time. also that time i don't like use phone although i have mobile phone. that's why i rare be friends with people. people usually get with me direct in real life.
unless now, you can find me online but frankly i have hard time to be here unless i determine to help someone in here & think of sacrifice my time & willing to be their side as long as they can achieve their goals.
probably now my past friends are on married life, works like normal office life, or maybe opposite?

maybe not much people has kind of this story cause sound it's unbelievable.
I am fine with that cause I also understand! rofl
the time when i join them & know i will get paid, i got myself in super nervous state ( i cannot speak well in front of them in first time meet ) until they ask me to play the games & they saw me playing & tease me a lot although some of them says i become another person they never know in real life which make me fluster a lot! emotion_facepalm
did i turn into monster? LOL

anyway thanks for read this journal of me emotion_facepalm
sorry for wasting your time gonk