That means I'm finally free! Kinda
I'll be trying to hop on Gaia more often from now on

I also have to do adulting things and keep maintaining my friendships cuz I won't be seeing friends at school anymore. That might be a little difficult.

Oh and I made a facebook to keep in touch with some friends but the issue is... well, the last time I had a fb, one of my least favorite things was having like 200 friends but only 10 that cared to message me. So I don't like having so many friends that it becomes meaningless. It's only been two days but I already have my close friend's mutual friends trying to add me and I'm like no. stop. I barely even talk to irl. why are you trying to add me gonk
So yeah. Idk how to handle that. Plus if I post too many gay things or come out on there, I don't want 200 ppl I barely know to judge me (I already have some things set on friends only, like how I put gender fluid as my gender on there and they/ them pronouns)

In any case, I'm just trying to figure out how to do summer without stressing out so much. For now, I'll just ignore other friend requests cuz if I have too many not-so-close friends, I'll just start acting like my standard school self instead of really being me. And that would suck.

I'm trying to get some stuff off my mind for now and it's kinda a mess. I haven't talked to my therapist in over a week either and I've had so many things going on.

For now, I think I'll leave off here and write next time. My fb is Kit L. Lam in case any of you guys wanna add me, assuming you're a close enough friend that I won't freak out over. I mean, I'm only freaking out over not being able to express myself without judgement, but that's not something I worry too much about if I'm on Gaia so you're probably fine. See ya emotion_yatta